Muhammad among UK's most popular baby names

According to the UK's Office for National Statistics, Muhammad was the sixth most popular name for male British births in 2020.

Mohammed and Mohammad were also among the top 100 baby boy names in the United Kingdom, with rankings of 32 and 74, respectively, however neither came close to the Muhammad spelling.

Noah was the fourth most popular name for male British births, and he is a central figure in all three Abrahamic religions.

Ibrahim and Yusuf, two Muslim names, also made the top 100 for 2020. According to ONS data, all three spellings of the prophet's name, as well as Yusuf and Ibrahim, have been steadily increasing in popularity since 1996.

Muslims of various ethnic and cultural origins transliterate Muhammad's name into English differently, but all are named in honour of Islam's most revered figure.

Despite the fact that different tribes spell it differently, the origins and intent of the naming are likely shared by each culture and race that uses it.

The name is likely to be more popular than the ONS rankings suggest, but the approach for splitting names depending on their spellings makes it difficult to know how it compares to other top names.

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