Musuood Tanvir Arshad

Who is ringing? Lips can't taste the words ,fear whispers! Again, someone is knocking but the shadow often doesn't permit logic to travel. Survival belongs to thinking.Let's start living where it has become difficult.It has been learnt that such narrative usually ends with tragedy for coming centuries.Remember! Courage can write the fate & history in advance.It is not easy to be naked in the jungle.Cackling vibrates the telescope & eyes dehydrate. In the human journey, one has to push oneself for conclusions.However,
somewhere acquired knowledge has become a curse & people have been facing exploitation for many years. Power hubs are practicing the neocolonial mindset & no one is there to address the constitutional crisis. Valour has been bracketed as treason.Such anecdotes can travel through time to reach ultimate dignity. Oral history has its own design to counter courtyard narratives.Sapiens can buy both in this digital age to find the veracity where cognizance remains an act of sorcery. The class system has even imprisoned the human traits.Several times judgement days judged the settlers to unsettle but who cares! Life is not a jester corner.
The civilized approach has been forcing other inhabitants of this planet to accompany the narcissistic creature for many centuries.In this unprecedented journey there is nothing to hide but intent. Tooled hands are making everyone hostage & no one is here & there to raise the voice. Palm lines or land lines are irritating & compromising the internal & external solidarity.Picture is on & we are frightened to utter what we think.Magical world of new horizons has its own parameters to proceed but what about the stagnant society.
The telescope is still there despite the vibrations & jerks.Dare to come to see the status of puppets who can't breathe & choose.
People of the land resist against the invaders & ultimately their children start playing with colonial toys.Now,its up to the settlers to gather audacity to challenge the colonial puppets ,otherwise, toys have been playing with fate,intellect & freedom since birth!Can we allow the toys to play with our destiny?
Cognizance with dehydrated eyes questioned!