Goodbye Mr.1992 & Colonial Agnets' Citizen Portal

Musuood Tanvir Arshad

Citizen portal - The proclamation has become a jinx. Ebullient thoughts even can't bear the threshold of novel tides. Right there, we are standing aloof away from the Jupiter of cognizance. We are in the habit to become the props of bizarre arrangements. Fawners are claiming everything in advance. The same episode will continue & no one will give ear to this dilemma.

The ruler is unannounced deaf & flatterers will try their best to resume this soap opera. However, sometimes this courtyard can observe the echoey democratic Apocalypse. Likewise, to establish intent for fairness several apps have been launched to enhance justice deity blindness in this regime.

The so-called concept of the whistleblower has been turned into whistling in the wind but no one is ashamed of among the social hierarchy. Bureaucracy under the supervision of visionary black sheep of their clan has been denting the system & report is all is well. Is this true! Everyone knows but who cares further who dares to accept danger.

Mr.1992 recently you admonished the colonial agents on falsification of citizen portal data where most of the complaints have been whimsically closed. But in view of your previous record, it is presumed not more than a political pandiculation even by your office receptionist. Mr.1992! are you here? Alas! Your actions always bring new problems for the affectees. Have you taken any decisive stance yet? For you, it is quite easy to say that you have been busy on some international assignments but it seems that your whole society at the verge of a humanitarian crisis. Your chefs are cooking human flesh for your dining as you lost your taste buds.

Your slogans & your office faces are contradictory in nature. Why are you speaking out of your box? You know that you can't do anything as you have been prisoned by colonial clerks and their representative will bite those for whom he has a personal vendetta. Can you place the props of your set at a suitable place? Sorry, Mr.1992 !you have been managed by the bureaucratic vulture & it is evident that they will manage to preen by your ignorance.

Your privileged intelligentsia is only able to point out 58 officials who were involved in data fudging. Such a shame where the facts have been maneuvered on a consistent basis & problems are still there. How many accounts have been blocked! Likewise how many complaints have been dropped in business to save the skins! How can a front man for ruler be punished in his courtyard! Clerks have become powerful as they know the insight exclusive stories.

Mr.1992! I want to register a complaint against the year 1992. Will parasitic agents/receptionists will allow the system to generate number? Will this be possible for you to entertain this complaint in the open courtyard? As a nation, our eyes are afraid of dreams. Your claimed honesty enabled the bureaucratic vulture to pinch the justice.

Hope is usually the last resort in human history. Maybe this time! Otherwise, it's time to say goodbye to Mr.1992 & his Colonial agents portal.

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