Covid-19: Threat to National Security Bio-warfare Or Real Virus

Covid-19: Threat to National Security Bio-warfare Or Real Virus

The book ‘Coronavirus COVID-19 Threat to the National Security Bio-Warfare or real virus’ is a masterpiece of renowned personality, Rehman Malik. This stroke of genius by Rehman A Malik consists of two parts and is divided into 24 chapters. Politician Malik shared the appropriate knowledge about the Viruses and their behavior, pandemics that triggered the world before the outbreak of COVID-19.

The author discussed the efforts undertaken at the national level to fight the pandemic and the role he played to raise the flag indicating the future threat, while the pandemic was approaching Pakistan. The author discussed the 37 Points of National Action plan which he recommended to the government as Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior to prevent the spread of disease in Pakistan limiting it to the minimum and measures to deal with infected.
The interesting thing in this book that grabs the reader’s concentration is to describe the history of viruses, their growth, and the constituent of their existence. Senator Malik has narrated that human-being on this planet keep on under the eruption of viruses repeatedly.

The virus outbreaks resulted in heavy losses in the shape of the economy and lives, henceforward created an imbalance in the socio-economic arrangement of the biosphere. The Chapter III of the book argues the international assumptions of the scientists, politicians, and people from different walks of life about the Coronavirus COVID-19. Years back, many visionaries predicted the outbreak of a pandemic. However, there were varying views and a theory about its emergence, and no consensus was found on the date of its existence.

The author tries to discuss the struggles commenced at the national level to fight the disease. The significant role he played to raise the flag showing the upcoming threat, while the pandemic was approaching Pakistan.
The important thing is that the author discussed 37 National Action plan Points, which he suggested to the government as Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior so that preventive measures could be taken and overcome the extent of disease in the country.

The major quality of the author is that he used simple language so that a layman could understand the message and purpose of the book. Senator Malik elaborates in his book, a number of meetings held with concerned authorities on the behalf of the author and as head of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior. Ex- Interior Minister wrote to Secretary-General UNO and FATF regarding removal of Pakistan name from the grey list so that in pandemic circumstances may get some favour.

An important clause of this book is that the author wrote a letter to renowned Microsoft founder Bill Gates and opinion him to work together for the research about COVID -19. Senator Rehman Malik collects reliable information regarding coronavirus which is the need of time. Folk of the world is facing troubles over miss and disinformation at every minute through unauthenticated resources which was the major cause of panic.

It is basically necessary to understand the concept of virus and its past and present history and need to know that how? And why? Virus grow, actually this book is deal with above-mentioned problems. One must also know that this silent battle is lethal than weaponry because don’t sound loud but their ruin is multi-dimensional that aims at the nation’s morale, economy, human lives and achieve the harassment and destructive goals at the same time as well
In the 2nd part of the book, the senator yearns that coronavirus-A threat to the nation because this was a serious national matter. It’s a requirement of time to all we have deal with it unitedly.

R.A. Malik's significant work is that he raised the voice for dozens of stranded Pakistani students. That is why the epidemic began from ‘’Wuhan’’ due to fear Pakistani students bagged before Govt for their removal from the city.
He suggested that govt should take steps to resolve the student’s issue who is stuck in china's pernicious era.