Pakistan issues 136 visas to Indian Hindu pilgrims to visit shrine in Sindh

The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi has awarded 136 visas to Indian Hindu pilgrims travelling to Pakistan to visit their sacred sites.

From December 4 to 15, 2021, a group of Indian Hindu pilgrims will travel Pakistan to take part in the 313th Birth Anniversary festivities of Shiv Avtari Satguru Sant Shadaram Sahib at Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi in Sindh.

Shadani Darbar, a more than 300-year-old temple, is a sacred site for Hindu pilgrims from all over the world. Sant Shadaram Sahib, who was born in Lahore in 1708, created the Shadani Darbar in 1786.

The issuance of pilgrimage permits to Hindu and Sikh pilgrims is in keeping with the Pakistani government's efforts to make religious site visits more convenient. It also reflects Pakistan's regard for all faiths' sacred sites and efforts to promote interfaith harmony.