Justice & Privileged Diplopia

Justice & Privileged Diplopia

Musuood Tanvir Arshad

Traits often wait at the platform of generations. Therefore, a scientific maze acquires patience & logic. On the other side, we are breathing where the speed of light can't catch the misery of life. Who says that life is unpredictable! The privileged! whom existence revolves around this kind of quotation. Even in a miraculous world, they can easily escape from the sphere of unpredictability. They have hired opinion-makers to turn human society into a diplopia Society. Just like jugglers "the privileged" have painted themselves as the last hope to facilitate society in the life amusement park. We are paying and currency is our blood. Nothing is new and notable in this misty world by omitting them.

To remain unbiased is a biased statement. Ink your thoughts from affluent inkpots and come to the souq of opinion.
Just heard a watchword against social invertebrates and dialogue started. The birds of feather spitting on each other. We the people forgot the crutches and aroma of discourse brought us where thoughts are grafted. The habitant of fox mythology explained the camouflage features of the fox. He also questioned the sacred cloak for not playing its role as per written holy script. Perks & privileges for the maestros of justice didn't able people to vaporize the sadness of life due to injustice. Furthermore, to express one's pain contrary to the ego of the wizard can be regarded as contempt.

Justice is out of reach in general but the noise was all about the prefix of the general public. Suddenly, opportunist sheep conference began chanting & reference champ came up with the predicted idea of having bank balance & past for justice. Article 19 has been suffering from pseudo-intellectualism. Paid & reliable faces have always been entrusted to spread wanted&haunted truth.

We the people can only stand at the stairs of justice but can't dare to stare even at the time of injustice. Empty pockets always embrace empty minds. We often live in the magical world & we start loving the props of this woven set also. Imagination can be a step but how many are brave enough to take this step! Even a temporary injunction can be granted as a matter of discretion and not a matter of right. People do understand the human aspect of law lords but what to do with the delay & relief for penny-less people! Privileged voluntary Diplopia can't be rectified.

Who is virtuous or righteous? At present, the Law lords' statements are the talk of the town then their decisions. Champs are more concerned about the dress codes rather than the approach. For that reason, perhaps they are much influenced by dress code in their professional instinct rather than an idea or proposition. Similarly, in recent times the colonial clerks are a new curse for society. Parasites connections with lords have made the people's condition pathetic. Privileged can't shout, revolt, or decide against such a system that guarantees their survival.

They are indeed the by-product of this system. We the people are nothing but everything. We don't have any save passage. Despite that Law lord! We are so blessed that we don't have the option of resignation like your highness.