Sophist! Burn the Books

 Musuood Tanvir Arshad
Fraud has become the eligibility in our country. It is undoubtedly evident that when the education system stops resisting the prevailing social evils then nothing can save society to sink. It is believed that education institutes have to serve their historical cause preached by the Prophets. However, now, teachers have become bureaucrats & resultantly are running slaughterhouses. Despite knowing the fact that our country's latest dilemma is the by-product of the process in which we allow the bureaucracy to think & exercise their gluttonous will. Meanwhile, our selected sophists kept facilitating the neo-colonial clerks. Alas! No one is ready to face the truth. Fraudsters are obliged & chosen everywhere. A classic case is recently the talk of the town. A university with diverse faculty & disciples has been facing administrative calamity. The place of consciousness is striving for self-consciousness. This is not the private institution or the state of an industrialist where only colonial bats can be heard. A graduate of an unlawful institute was recruited as deputy registrar & in order to save the blue-eyed even the apex court rulings were thrown out. Consequently, a fake case was woven against Dr.Tahir Khan, the registrar of Okara University to divert the intentions but truth always in a prismatic manner ascertains its presence. Higher Education institutions have become the hub of dirty politics where different laws have been used against the people/employees who intentionally or unintentionally disrupt or challenge the Mal & unlawful practices of hierarchal Mafia-like nepotism & favoritism etc. For example, the use of harassment Act is off the cuff available to the Mafia to blackmail & Stigmatize anyone's career in personal vendetta & one should know the price of any kind of truthly venture within the hierarchy. The handling of such cases according to law is the main equation to solve but it seems that an egoistic fraudulent approach will perish the society sooner or later. Dr.Tahir , you deserve to be trailed by the fraudster. Who are you to poke your nose in the eligibility criteria of the Mafia? Many graduates even in your institutes were mentally caged to complete their degrees & exploited by all the concerned in different ways. Our authorities are responsible for issuing fake degrees from unlawful institutes. Now, trusts have been charging too much for higher studies but who can come up with this truth? Trusts' dogs can bite the whistle-blowers & there is still no remedy against tamed watchdogs of trusts. Dr.Sajid Rashid! Will you like to take this giant leap? Ethnicity is another disease to cure. Yes, Indeed identity is important but you can't deface the field of science upon your business. It is the need of the hour to take preventive measures to rescue the future of the coming generations. Don't hesitate, if you have to throw out your own son inducted in malpractice because of nepotism. If you can't burn the boats then burn the books which creates confusion about the rule of law. Because in this field, there is no space for any postulate which evolves into a scandal or fall of consciousness.
Dr.Tahir ! Keep it up till your last breath but also be aware of this fact your struggle for supremacy of law will never end till the last unlawful, illegally recruited element. Otherwise, you will be equally responsible for mutilating the dignity of the Prophets' Profession.