“The Bhagat Of Bar” Sardar Akbar Ali Dogar!

We narrate, live and eventually die in history. Origin of logic created the mesosphere of discussion but how long! Can an acquired trait occupy the human instinct? To answer the evolved equations is mostly a hard nut to crack. Sometimes these equations become the part of new social order. Meanwhile, there are certain corridors in society where amalgamation gives new postulates to start dialogue. Recently, a prominent voice “Sardar Akhbar Ali Dogar” about uplifting of ban upon student unions caught the attention. What would we gain as a society? We shall be able to ascertain political norms and values, he believed. Lack of training has turned the table for politics in recent times where we are facing the shortage of veteran politician. A man with unique feather in his cap has many things to share as a food for thoughts. Are we ready to give weightage to such professional entities? May be not! This is the heart wrenching phenomenon. The President of Country’s most prestigious High Court Bar Association i.e. Lahore High Court Bar Association, the Son of ideological revolutionary land when asks for such steps, it usually means a lot. On the other hand, the deprivation & class difference have reached the level of light years. Exploitation is the main cause of suffocation for genuine & creative people. Furthermore, planted opinion leaders are snatching the identity from most of us and we are calm. There is everywhere indeed, a courtyard where civilization of slaves is breathing.

Likewise, Mr. Akbar’s profession is not as loved as it used to be. Mainly, because of attached rumors cum anecdotes about his profession and even many profiles of independent professional opportunists cannot lessen the venom of Dogar’s revolutionized approach. He is quite enthusiastic to bridge bar and bench. His pain for sufferer of the prevailing system is unprecedented. The Profession of great Quaid & conduct of Bhagat’s Land enable him to speak his heart out. It seems that he is visionary and will do what the bar has not achieved yet especially in case of struggling lawyers. Sardar is well aware of the modern necessities and somehow his thought provoking acts cannot only annoy the state functionaries but also privileged fraternity members. But then again who cares! Sardar Akbar like his name is ready to face the music for his cause while keeping the Sir Ganga Ram innovation in mind with heart of Bhagat Singh. In few days, there will be new scenario and consequently the fresh chapters for Bar will be open after forming of new Provincial Government in Punjab. Then, it will be the duty of the most passionate faculty of society to come forward and settle new agenda with the government to ease the people from recent horrifying dream. As the recent political melodrama has confused the society at large. Constitutional crises is the dilemma whose main victim is the people of the country and nothing has been done yet to bring the privileged into the circle of law. This is undoubtedly the need of the hour to review the colonial Laws which are not meeting the modern era needs and increasing burden upon judiciary by tangled litigations. However, if this activity is compromised due to political & personal benefits, the society will lost it’s ethical & law abiding configuration very soon. In order to coup such untoward situations, societies always have their gems in the shape of Bhagat & Sir Ganga Ram to fight against prevalent evils for the betterment of mankind. Fortunately, we have Sardar Akbar Ali Dogar as “the Bhagat of Bar”!