One Copy One Pencil" Event Under the Auspices of Al Falah Schools & PFUC

Lahore: Al Falah Schools and Pakistan Federal Union of Columnists jointly organized an event titled "One Copy One Pencil" at Punjabi Complex Gaddafi Stadium under the slogan "Education is the right of every child".
The main purpose of organizing this event was to establish educational institutions for these poor orphans and indigent children with the support of civil society all over Pakistan where laborers, garbage pickers, poor orphans, and indigent children can be trained in technical and Curriculum education should be provided absolutely free and this section of the society can be equipped with modern education to make active citizens of Pakistan.
In the program President PFUC Rana Ali Zohaib, General Secretary Women Wing PFUC Anchor Person Sadia Khalid, Member PFUC Professor Abdul Shakoor, CEO Ever Green Logistics Abdul Majid Malik, Managing Director Iqbal Garden Sheikh Khalid, CE O Glory Events & PR Atif Ansari, Chairman Eco Schools Asad Iqbal, CEO Al Nahal Ind The Base Real Estate Consultant Dr. Khuram, Young Anchor Person Saad, Kengan Waterhead in Pakistan Dr. Nabila Ghayoor, Vice Chairman Al Falah Schools Mrs. Aurangzeb Khan, Director Operations Al Falah Schools Sheikh Abdul Qayyum, RJFM 95 Malik Hafiz Mumtaz, Anchor Person PK Point Ahshamullah Belham, Advocate High Court Naveed Ahmed, Advocate High Court Saeed Chaudhry, Senior Sales Manager State Life Sheikh Akram, Senior Sales Manager State Life Majid Shaikh, Businessman Amjad Ali Rao, Kengan Waterhead in Pakistan Mohammad Ghayoor, President Insaf Education Wing Tammanabad Fayaz Sahib, Principal Al-Fawz School System Amjad Tahir, Coordinator Tariq Anas Hashmi, Senior Journalist 97 News Ashraf Ali Bhatti, Senior Journalist 94 News Yakub Bhatti, Singer Nasir Berlaj, Tick Talker Gulfam Golden, Sahibzada Amanullah Comedian Pumi Um In Allah, model Honey Baba, singer Sherry, comedian Sohail Pataka, singer Sahar Lal, singer Dr. Zia, singer Aruna, singer Sharjeel Zafar and civil society members participated.
Anchorperson Sadia Khalid and RJFM 95 Hafiz Mumtaz Malik hosted the program. The program started with the National Anthem. A student of al-Falah School received the blessing of reciting the Holy Quran and the Naat of the Holy Prophet. After that, the children of Al-Falah schools presented various tableaus and received praise from the audience. Apart from this, singer Nasir Berlaj, Sherry, Dr. Zia, Aruna, Sharjeel Zafar, Sahar Lal, BA Shakir Gulfam Golden, and comedian Sohail Pataka performed their art. The program was named after the famous poet and writer late Amjad Islam Amjad. Host Sadia Khalid read the words of Amjad Islam Amjad and paid tribute to him.
The program was greatly appreciated by civil society and the CEO of Al Falah Schools Aurangzeb Khan assured all possible support in the effort. Apart from this, the philanthropists also made various announcements of support and cooperation of Al Falah Schools.