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One dead as racer Salma Khan’s car hit motorcyclist in Islamabad

A fast-moving car, allegedly driven by Salma Marwat Khan, collided with a motorcycle, killing one guy on the spot and wounding another.

According to authorities, the collision occurred yesterday near F-11 Markaz in Islamabad. According to the authorities, the female racer managed to flee the area following the crash.

Rescue crews hurried to the scene after being notified and transported the corpse and injured to the hospital. According to hospital reports, the injured man's condition was critical. According to the authorities, both the deceased and the injured are brothers.

Meanwhile, on their father's behalf, the police have filed a report and begun an inquiry.

In his statement to the police, their father, Zahoor Ahmed said, “My sons Bashir Ahmed and Hamza were heading to F-11 Markaz on their motorcycle when a speedy car, being driven by an unknown woman, hit them from the backside and escaped from the scene. Resultantly, Bashir Ahmed died on the spot while Hamza received critical wounds.”