Celebrating Ali Arshad Mir Poetry is the celebration of Punjab History

Celebrating Ali Arshad Mir Poetry is the celebration of Punjab History

Prof. Ali Arshad Mir Foundation has announced "Prof. Ali Arshad Mir Awards 2021 " for Punjabi books at 29 November of this year. Since then, the foundation has been receiving books related to Punjabi Poetry, Prose, Research, Translation, religious and children's literature.

The foundation invites the Punjabi authors to send their books for review in order to grab this prestigious and critically acclaimed award of Punjabi literature. Mir Foundation has made it clear that they will review the books published between 7th November, 2020 to 1st December, 2021. The closing date for receiving books will be 11 December, 2021.

Following its tradition to award the laureates at Mir Punjabi Mela, the award receiving  ceremony would be held at Mir Punjabi Mela of this year. Apart from these literary awards the foundation is going to pay homage to the services of individual with respect to his dedication towards the cause of mother tongue.

Professor Ali Arshad Mir was a great revolutionary Punjabi Poet, Scholar and Educationist who spent his whole life for raising the voice for Downtroddens and Dalits. In his 30 year span of service he was transferred more then the  servicing years because of his  belief and preaching. He lost his younger brother  who was murdered by fundamentalist. Mir Punjabi Mela is only literature and cultural activities based Festival who is representing Punjab in Lahore (UNESCO's City of Literature) continuously over the decade.

Indeed, it is quite true "Celebrating Ali Arshad  Mir Poetry is the celebration of Punjab History"

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