Major issues of region can only be resolved through dialogue: PM Imran Khan

Major issues of region can only be resolved through dialogue: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has emphasised the importance of developing a regional approach to address shared concerns like as global warming, peace, and commerce.

On Thursday, he told the inaugural session of the Islamabad Conclave 2021 in Islamabad that the region's main concerns, such as Afghanistan and Kashmir, can only be handled via discussion.

The Prime Minister encouraged world leaders to release their frozen assets in order to help avert an impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. These assets, according to Imran Khan, are linked to saving the lives of 40 million Afghans who have been suffering for a long time.

Imran Khan stated that using the OIC forum, we will attempt to play our part in preserving Afghan people from any humanitarian crisis during the OIC's upcoming Foreign Ministers conference.

Since taking office in 2018, the Prime Minister has indicated that he has tried his hardest to develop peace with India, but that the Modi-led Indian regime has seen every move as a weakness. He feared that the Hindutva-led BJP dictatorship could pose a threat to its own country since the ideology has disenfranchised the country's majority people, and marginalisation breeds radicalism.

The Prime Minister said under our geo-economics approach, Pakistan wants to enhance the connectivity for increasing trade with regional countries. He said in this regard we are trying to take maximum benefit from CPEC. He also stressed the world nations to not polarize them on the pattern of Cold War. He said we also want to play role in reducing distances between China and US.

Imran Khan said climate change is another challenge that requires a collective approach to be resolved on priority basis. He said to deal with it, we started Ten-Billion Tree Tsunami program that is being appreciated at every world forum. He said it is unfortunate that the global leaders are not focused over it as their personal interests clash with the desired steps.

Earlier, speaking on the occasion, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said we need to put human security at the center of national security strategies as a departure from security-centric polices to move the region towards development and prosperity.

He said Pakistan has shifted its focus to geo-economics. He said connectivity is the new buzz word and it can provide us enormous opportunities for national and regional development.

The Foreign Minister said regional cooperation is a must for South Asia to prosper. He said SAARC needs to be revitalized by freeing it from narrow political agendas.

He said Pakistan has decided not to be a part of any global or regional conflict, and has chosen to be a partner only in peace and development. He said our primary interest is in seeking a peaceful and stable international order that takes everyone on board.

The Foreign Minister said Jammu and Kashmir is one of the oldest disputes on the United Nations agenda that still awaits resolution according to the wishes of the brave people of Kashmir.

He said the dispute can conflagrate into a nuclear flashpoint to the detriment of regional and global security.

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